Why Do Phase 1?

Improvement of growth and airway are the main goals for Phase 1 or “Early Treatment”.

The ideal time to be evaluated for treatment is around age 7.  At this age there is ample opportunity to correct growth and development.  By age 12 the majority of growth is completed and the result is much more limited.

Goals of Phase 1 include:

  1. Develop width of the upper jaw.  This improves airway and breathing.  Airway is critical for normal growth and can cause a number of growth related problems.
  2. Develops an exquisite smile.  Once growth is completed a narrow arch cannot be corrected.  The width of the arch of teeth is a main component of a great smile.
  3. Improves the bite by coordinating the posterior teeth.
  4. Correct oral habits, such as thumb or finger sucking, tongue thrust, mouth breathing.  Oral habits have a negative effect on growth and development.

Phase 2 takes place after the permanent teeth come in.  Phase 1 is substantially orthopedic or jaw movement and phase 2 is primarily orthodontic movement of teeth.

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