“When I first decided to get braces, I was incredibly apprehensive. I was in my mid-twenties and working for a fashion company. I had these horrific images of having a mouthful of metal and being in pain. However, I was also tired of smiling with my mouth closed and being embarrassed about how my teeth looked. After doing some research, I found Dr. Elliott.

“His practice was rated as the top orthodontics office in Colorado. I decided that if I was going to get braces, I wanted to see if Dr. Elliott would be a good fit for me.

“From start to finish, Dr. Elliott and his team have been incredibly professional, organized, and compassionate. When I voiced my concerns about being older, having a professional job, and worried about how braces might look, Dr. Elliott provided me with all of my options. Every step of the way, I’ve known exactly where my progress was and I was never concerned that I could not go in and see Dr. Elliott if I had an emergency (which only happened once). I am incredibly happy I chose Dr. Elliott’s Orthodontics, and I show it each and every time I smile and laugh ... with my all of my teeth showing.” — Amanda

“I was referred to Dr. Elliott by an oral surgeon for my sleep apnea. I needed to have jaw surgery to resolve my sleep apnea, and Dr. Elliott works very closely with the oral surgeons in the community for TMJ and other jaw and airway issues. Dr. Elliott is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him!” — Michael

“Dr. Elliott gave my children Amani and Aram beautiful smiles, so I did next the logical thing: I had a consultation with Dr. Elliott and got braces for myself. Being a woman of a ‘certain age’ considering braces was a little nerve-wracking but when Dr. Elliott said he could mount the brackets on the back of my teeth where no one would see them, it was a done deal! I love my new smile. Thank you, Dr. Elliott and staff!” — Kristin

“Dr. Elliott came highly recommended by my dentist. My front teeth overlapped and I had wanted straight front teeth for a long time. Dr. Elliott met with me to discuss options, length of time for treatment, and most importantly, asked questions about what was important to me and how I hoped to achieve what I wanted. His entire staff is professional, friendly, and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Elliott.” — Kathi

“Dr. Elliott is a wonderful orthodontist. The staff and technicians were always friendly and helpful. The experience was perfect! We are so glad we got braces from Dr. Elliott.” — Amani & Aram

“My dentist recommended that I be fitted for a bite splint to help reduce the wear and tear that can come from clenching and grinding. Because I had been so pleased with the orthodontic care my daughter received, I approached Dr Elliott about the splint. I had no idea that the impact on my life would be so great! Not only does my jaw feel better and protect my teeth from wear, but I am almost headache-free after decades of frequent headaches. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the outcome and with the terrific care I received by everyone in the practice. Thank you!” — Kathy

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I am incredibly happy I chose Dr. Elliott’s Orthodontics, and I show it each and every time I smile and laugh.


Dr. Elliott is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him!


I love my new smile. Thank you Dr. Elliott and staff!
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