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Coronavirus Update

Click here to download the COVID-19 Patient Form

We appreciate all of our patients for being understanding during this new learning curve with all of the regulations. 

  • Please be on time for every appointment, if you are late we will not be able to see you. We are very restricted with all of the regulations and cannot get behind in the schedule.
  • Parents please drop the patient off at the door and they can enter at their scheduled appointment time with their disclosure form and mask.
  • Patients stand behind line in entry area and wait for assistant.
  • If we are not ready for them, they can wait outside or in their car.  Lisa will call them when it is time to come in.
  • Reminded to social distance at all times in office.
  • Assistant, in PPE, will check temperature. Must be less than 100.4
  • Every person in the office must wear masks.
  • Every person must use hand sanitizer.
  • Every person that comes into the office must bring the disclosure form to be scanned into chart. Please see link on this page to print the form.
  • Patients must brush their teeth in advance. No brushing in office due to potential splatter.
  • Assistant will take patient to hygiene area and they will rinse with H2O2 solution for 1 minute.

Again, we truly appreciate your help in cooperating with the new guidelines, this will allow us to stay open and serving our patients.

Highlands Ranch